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     It's been a really great experience having Kennington Cleaning Company to do my home cleaning. I love being able to come home to a clean house and not have to worry about chores. It's such a time and stress saver.
Alex Bones19/05/2020
     Affordable and easy to book cleaning services provided by timely and experienced cleaners. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
A. Johnson19/09/2019
     I have a large house and four children, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to deal with my own cleaning jobs. After years of struggling with this kind of work, I decided I wanted some time to relax and called KenningtonCarpetCleaning. I didn't really know what I would get out of their service, but I was incredibly impressed by all of their work, and the great customer service I was given from that first phone call. Their cleaning packages are very affordable, and have always left my house looking great.
John W.21/12/2015
     We are a newly married couple and between her and me we are often tired from our jobs. We wanted more free time to spend together instead of chores, so we hired a cleaner from KenningtonCarpetCleaning. The best move ever!
Fred and Natalia01/12/2015
     As someone who has previously spent a bit of time in the cleaning industry, I'd like to think that I can recognise talent when I see it. As a busy professional these days, however, I find it hard to dedicate the same kind of time which I would have done to the cleaning in the past. That's where KenningtonCarpetCleaners come in. Of all of the different options which I've had in the past they're the only ones who I would be happy to recommend to others. Great service, great staff.
Maggie Moore07/01/2015
     My wife is a cleanliness freak but ever since we have had our twins, she hasn't had much time to attend to the house herself. This was not settling well with her so I decided to call KenningtonCarpetCleaners on recommendation of a friend. They send over two cleaning ladies for the initial clean and they did a brilliant job of making the house spic and span. We are so happy with their work that now we hire them to do a regular clean. Their products are also very child-friendly so that is a huge plus.
Morgan B.04/12/2014
     KenningtonCarpetCleaners did a wonderful home clean service on my bungalow. I spent a lot of time away with work and didn't feel like cleaning on my return. I was amazed at what a great job the cleaners did. They paid a lot of attention to smaller details such as inside the cupboards, sills and skirting boards. The friendly pair of cleaners worked nonstop until the place was immaculate. I was extremely happy with both the cost and the service.
Kim L.24/11/2014
     As a landlord I often require the services of a cleaning company for end of tenancy cleaning. Unfortunately, sometimes a deep clean is required and I usually need this doing quite quickly. I must say that KenningtonCarpetCleaners are a very reliable cleaning company. I have been using their services for several of my rental properties and I always receive a first class service and more often than not they are able to attend to my property at short notice. The team of cleaners turn up on time and are always polite and professional and I will continue to use their services.
     It's such a relief to come across a company like KenningtonCarpetCleaners! Even nicer to come home to a great looking flat. This gives me so much more time to spend on the rest of my life and enjoy other things. I wasn't keen on hiring a cleaner at first since I already find my rent a bit high - who doesn't!? - but anyway, I gave them a try and they were really brilliant. I hire a cleaner from them two days a week now and they come along to work early in the morning. It's a slightly different way of organising things but a great idea!
Molly L.23/10/2014
     Well, I always figured that a low cost cleaning service wouldn't be worth the time, but I'm sure glad to be proved otherwise! ... Compared to other services that I've tried, KenningtonCarpetCleaners really stepped their game up! They were easy to hire, and their cleaners were really friendly too - they got my flat cleaned up in next to no time! I hired them to get the place ready for a house party, but they impressed me a lot, so I think I'll be getting in touch with them again soon! Thanks a lot for all of your help!
Jaden P.29/08/2014
     My kids are always making a mess. I just got a full time job so they get home from school a few hours before I do and every time I get back, they have somehow managed to make a mess everywhere. I called KenningtonCarpetCleaners to arrange a cleaner to come around twice a week because after the long shifts, I couldn't bear to lift a finger to the mess my boys made. Our cleaner is lovely; she gets on with my kids and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It's been a load off my back; I don't regret hiring from this company in the slightest.
Maria H.16/07/2014
     Since my husband and I had our first child we have struggled to get down to cleaning at home and we are very pleased that we were put in touch with KenningtonCarpetCleaners. They do all the tough cleaning jobs we need them to and help out with other domestic jobs such as changing bed linen, washing clothes and ironing, and the personal touches such as refilling soap, replacing kitchen roll and so on make a big difference. I would most certainly recommend this house cleaning company and can vouch for the ability of their cleaners - contact this company if you want the best home cleaning in London!
     I live on my own and work long hours so I have very little time to really get into cleaning my flat. A work colleague suggested that I employ the services of KenningtonCarpetCleaners to take over the operation on a twice a week basis. The young lady who came out to my flat was extremely polite and worked in a professional manner. Most days she would come in whilst I was at work, but on my return home I was always greeted by a clean and tidy home, fresh smelling and homely. She is still working for me and I have no intention in changing our arrangement.
Graham Roundtree12/06/2014
     I wanted some help after a fall and breaking my arm. My brother gave me the contact details of KenningtonCarpetCleaners, so I gave them a call and booked a time and date. My house wasn't filthy but some jobs were building up, and this is why I made the decision to hire help. The cleaners came armed with the cleaning materials and tools and got on with the job. They were hard working and efficient and did a very good job. My home looks sparkling clean again, and smelt so hygienically fresh. I use this service every week now and look forward to the lovely ladies and the wonderful results.
Sherrie Boon26/05/2014
     I have been using this company for a number of years and felt that it was about time that I left a review. A team of four come into the office three times a week, unless we ask for more, and perform all of the necessary cleaning work for the end of the day. Every day they are right on time and always get to their work professionally, and always with a smile. I don't feel they always get the recognition that they deserve in the office so today I thanked them personally for over 3 years of hard work and I'd recommend them highly. Thanks to all at KenningtonCarpetCleaners.
Dominic K.08/04/2014
     I've been after a bit of help around the house for a number of months, ever since my wife and I grew our business a little. Keeping on top of the house keeping had become even more difficult so we felt it was time to bring in some professional help. After asking around, it quickly became clear that KenningtonCarpetCleaners were the best option for us, and that their prices were unmatchable. That's why we're now happy to enjoy their services all the time, and even more happy to recommend their services to all of our friends. Great cleaning, thanks.
Larry Ross19/03/2014
     I chose to work with KenningtonCarpetCleaners to execute my sofa cleaning. I needed a professional cleaning company that had years of experience cleaning sofas and upholstery. I have fine carpets and fine fabrics that need cleaning and I didn't want them damaged by basic household cleaners. The service offered by KenningtonCarpetCleaners was professional and convenient. They know exactly how to clean leather and other delicate fabrics without damaging the material. Their prices are also affordable, which makes their service just perfect for my needs. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a professional cleaning service. Thank you!
Anthony O.18/02/2014
     It wasn't until I had my furniture cleaned by KenningtonCarpetCleaners that I realised just how dirty is was. It isn't something that I personally tend to notice on a day-to-day basis, but one morning I did think my sofa in particular was looking a little tired so I gave these guys a call. They chaps that turned up at my door were polite and knew their stuff, and worked hard for a good couple of hours on my three-piece-suite. They even checked I was happy with everything before packing their equipment away, and crikey was I! Superb results, great value for money. Recommended.
C. Turnpike30/01/2014
     I just can't thank KenningtonCarpetCleaners enough for everything they've done for me and my family. My house was always a mess and my kids were always complaining about it, but when you have a full-time job and a large family it's not always easy to get your chores done! I called this cleaning service and they gave me all the help I could ever need. Even though I have pets my carpets have just never looked better and it's impossible to find even a trace of dirt when my cleaner has left. I love this company and this service! I'm a huge fan!
     These guys are real pros. everything they do seems to be done efficiently and they always seem to have a smile on their face! We have been using KenningtonCarpetCleaners's services for years and recommend them to anyone in need of professional cleaning (and those that don't know they are). Whether we ask them to clean the bathroom or the carpets, they do a fantastic job. Every member of staff they have sent to our home over the years has been friendly, smart and approachable, and each one seems to clean to a level that is just not attainable by us mere mortals.
David Baldwin05/12/2013

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